Sold: Gorgeous GFA-545 II

Sold to Maxim in NYC!


And the amps just keep on rolling! This is the nicest GFA-545 II I’ve ever restored. Cosmetically, It’s pretty close to perfect! The face is nearly flawless. There’s just one scratch that I’ve touched-up on the top cover, towards the back, and a two barely noticeable scuffs on the sides. Click on the photos to see it in hi-res. Overall, it looks just about brand new.

But it’s better than brand new! This is a complete tear-down and restoration using every trick I’ve learned about Adcom amplifiers.

20151026 14-55-55 20151026_145555

GFA-545 II Restored

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Sold! Beautiful ADCOM GFA-555 II with all the mods – $850

UPDATE: Sold to David in BC.

Folks, this is the nicest GFA-555 II I’ve ever restored. What a beauty! The previous owner was a cellist for the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, who took excellent care of it. Cosmetically, it’s about as close to mint condition as they come. There are a few small ticks in the finish here and there, which I’ve touched-up, and are hard to notice, and the face is totally perfect! Click on the photos to see it in high-resolution.


Since this one is so nice, I pulled out all the stops and installed every enhancement I know for Adcom amps.

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Sneak preview: Adcom GFA-545 II (Ready to sell in about a week)


Scored a really beautiful, near-mint condition GFA-545 II the other day. I’m having a good time restoring it.



It’ll be for sale some time next week, probably. $550. I just need to order some nice new power supply filter capacitors for it, tweak the bias and put it through my battery of tests. Let me know if this amp sings to you.