New Product: “Capacitor Hats” for large screw-terminal electrolytic capacitors.

Another new product for amp builders!

These “Capacitor Hats” provide a neat way to make connections to the tops of large, screw-terminal electrolytic capacitors, while also providing a stable platform to mount components like bypass capacitors and drain resistors.

Component pads cover most of the surface, allowing a wide variety of components to be mounted. Wire pads along the edges connect multiple wires up to 12ga. Double-sided PCB with double-thick 2oz copper. Reversible.

Shown in the example above is a 50mm diameter capacitor, with a Capacitor Hat equipped with a 47µF electrolytic capacitor, a 0.1µF polypropylene bypass capacitor, a 4.7KΩ drain resistor, an LED resistor, and LED power wire.

*Components shown are not included. Bare circuit boards only. Sold as sets of four for $25.

Get them here. Capacitor Hats for Large Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.