Hoppe’s Brain Coronavirus Pandemic Statement.

Remain indoors.

Hoppe’s Brain is operating more or less normally at this point! I work from home, and am getting a lot done, actually. DIY kit sales are on the rise as people want projects during their social isolation! So far I am pretty fortunate.

I am stocking up on parts, in case suppliers like Digikey and Mouser are shut down. If I start to run out of critical parts, I might have to discontinue selling certain DIY circuit board kits. In some cases, people will have their own parts they can use, or good old parts can be recycled. We can work something out.

To keep my customers safe:

I have no symptoms or any reason to believe I have C-19, but as everyone is well aware, anyone can be a carrier and not know it.

There is a small—but non-zero—risk of transmission of coronavirus via packages in the mail, and by the surfaces of products. And so I am operating on the assumption that I am a carrier of coronavirus. I am washing my hands before I go to work at the bench, and before I touch anything in the lab. While I am working, I tend to use a lot of ethanol/methanol to clean things, and so that is another preventative measure. I am also washing my hands before handling any packing material, or packing up kits and equipment.

So chow down on a protein fudge, take whatever injections are recommended in your sector, and remain indoors!

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  1. Glad you are continuing with your work. My custom 565s sound absolutely wonderful. Listening to music offers a respite during these strange days.

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