New Product! Binding Post Adapters for 3/4″ binding posts.

The Problem:

You want to replace the binding posts in your amplifier, but the holes in the chassis are too large for most binding posts on the market, which are designed to fit chassis cut-outs of 10mm or 11.5mm in diameter.

The Solution:

Hoppeā€™s Brain Binding Post Adapter Plates.

Two fiberglass plates sandwich the sheet metal, and the binding posts fit into the plates, which are firmly attached with four M3 screws and locknuts. Simple, secure, and easy to install and service.

Get them here:

New product! Cable assemblies for GFA-585.

The board header connectors and cables inside GFA-585’s are often corroded, from leaked capacitor spittle and time. These types of “JST connectors” are meant to be machine-crimped, but they can be soldered manually, but that’s a real pain.

So I am offering a complete set of new cables and board headers for $40. They’ll be up in the store soon!

Cables for GFA-565 and GFA-555 MKII continue to be available.