Cool new product! ‘Add-A-Buffer’ adapter boards (Your op-amp + TI BUF634A in a DIP-8 socket)

This board fits any single SO08 op-amp and a TI BUF634A buffer IC into a single DIP-8 socket!

Useful wherever increased current drive and immunity to capacitive load is desired. (Headphone amplifiers, line drivers, active filters, equalizers, etc.)

Buy them here.

The TI BUF634A adds a fast and powerful output stage to any op-amp. It is inserted into the feedback loop, essentially becoming a part of the op-amp itself.

Here’s one installed in a phono preamp I built for a friend. This particular design benefited greatly from the BUF634A, as the output drives a 464 ohm load on its feedback loop, which is a heavy load for most op-amps, but a breeze for the BUF634A.