Sold: ADCOM GFA-535 II fully modded

Hi Folks, I have another ADCOM GFA-535 II for sale! As with all the amps I sell, this unit has been completely torn down, rebuilt, refurbished, and obsessed over. This amp not only sounds better than new, but I intend it to last another 30 years or more! I go way beyond  a simple re-cap. Any and all parts that may potentially deteriorate have been replaced, and I’ve paid a lot more attention to detail than the factory with things like wiring and matching components.


And this one has a little special something. A powder coated top cover! (I got a deal on getting a bunch of covers done.)

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Amps on the way: Adcom GFA-555 II and GFA-535 II

Hey folks, I haven’t had any amps for sale for a while. I’ve been super busy with restorations for people… But these two are nearly ready for adoption! Both are in like new condition cosmetically, and have been given the full restoration and upgrade. All caps are new, including the big cans in the power supply.

GFA-555 II. All the boards are done, new binding posts, zobel filters, power cord, transformer wiring, installed input board local supply bypasses, matching input transistors, etc. I just need to mount those caps on the chassis, install the big copper bus-bar and wire it all up. (Then torture testing, bias tweaking and listening tests.)


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