Send me a message or ask a question, but please read my ADCOM FAQ first.

  • Please don’t ask for help troubleshooting your equipment, unless you are installing one of my products. I get more emails than I can handle. A better option is to ask your question on DIYAUDIO.COM or the Adcom Audio Enthusiasts Group on Facebook. I am very active in these communities and I may chime in there. Go ahead and send me a link to your post asking for advice.
  • Sorry, I am not accepting repair or refurbishing clients. I’m only selling circuit board kits.
  • I do not sell parts, or parts kits, except for what comes with my circuit board kits.
  • I only ship to the U.S., Canada and U.S. Territories. If you live in Canada or a U.S Territory, contact me here for shipping estimates and I’ll send you an invoice, instead of ordering from my web store.