Sold: Fully Restored ADCOM GFA-555 II

UPDATE: 08-04-2017: Looking back, I never should have sold this so cheaply! I was seriously under-charging for my work; a common mistake with new businesses. This amp represents several full days of work and a high parts cost. I would now charge around $1300 for this same amp.


Hey folks, I have another 555 II ready for a new home! It’s got the full package. All new capacitors throughout, including the power supply caps. Matched input transistors, local supply bypasses, etc etc etc.

This one is in excellent cosmetic condition. There are a couple of dings that I have touched up, and are hardly noticeable, but since the amp is not totally “mint”, I am selling it for $820 instead of the usual $850. (I am very picky about this stuff.) Please click on the hi-res photos to see for yourself.

A beautiful face. There is a small ding in the middle of the right side. It’s been touched up and is hard to see, but this is why I am taking $30 off the price.

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