Tools required:

  • A powerful soldering station or iron with a large chisel tip.
  • #2 Phillips screwdriver
  • 5.5mm socket or nut driver
  • 11mm socket or nut driver
  • 1/8″ drill bit

A word on soldering:

These binding posts are made from heavy brass and they absorb heat like crazy. A regulated temperature soldering station with a large chisel tip is suggested, though you might get by with a powerful handheld iron. Alternatively, one could install ring terminals.


Remove the rear panel from the amp.

Fit the adapter plate to the rear panel, and attach with two black M3 screws and locknuts, using the original two holes drilled in the chassis. Center it nice and square, and firmly tighten these two screws.

Using the board itself to guide the drill bit, drill four 1/8″ holes in the chassis.

De-burr the holes to remove the threat of loose metal shavings inside your amp.

Install four remaining screws and lock-washers.

Install the binding posts. Use two nylon washers beneath each nut.

Tighten firmly, using a nut driver or socket. Insert a screwdriver to keep the binding post from rotating as you tighten.

Solder speaker ground wires onto the two center posts. (16ga or thicker)

Install into the amp! Solder the amplifier board output wires to the positive terminals.