Before you start, consider the orientation of the plates. They are symmetrically designed so you can flip them either direction to align with the positive and negative markings on your amplifier. They are also reversible to either show, or not show the Hoppe’s Brain logo.


The plates come in two sizes, with 10mm or 11.5mm holes, both with 2.5mm wide notches. The 10mm type is compatible with the optionally included binding posts, and many other brands. The 11.5mm type fits WBT, Parts Express and others. Refer to manufacturer’s drawings to determine if they will fit. The binding post’s diameter must not exceed 3/4″, or 19.05mm. The adapter is designed for standard 3/4″ spacing (19.05mm) chassis cut-outs. Some very large binding posts are designed with 30mm spacing in mind.

They can be mounted in horizontal rows while maintaining exact 3/4″ spacing if they are butted end-to-end. This is useful for amps like the Adcom GFA-555.

Remove the hex nut, and finger-tightening nut. The two flat Teflon washers are not used.

Two plates are used to sandwich the sheet metal of the amplifier’s back panel. Insert the binding posts and plates, align them squarely, and lightly tighten the hex nut, just enough to hold the plates in place for the next step; drilling the four mounting holes.

Cinch lightly with the plates and binding posts aligned and square.

Drill four 1/8″ holes through the sheet metal. Use the mounting holes as a guide for the drill bit. Be sure both plates are squarely aligned.

Using a 2mm hex driver, and a 5.5mm nut driver, install and tighten the four button-head hex screws and lock nuts.

Insert a screwdriver through the binding post to keep it from rotating, and firmly tighten the 12mm hex nut.

Solder the speaker wires to the binding posts. This is where you need a powerful soldering iron with a large chisel tip. I recommend tinning your wire first, then fill the solder cup with solder, and then melt the tinned wire into the cup.

You are done!