Because I’m terrible at self-promotion, here’s a video I should have posted last month!

YouTube blogger XRayTonyB did a three-part video series on repairing a GFA-585 using my boards!

As usual, he goes into great detail on the restoration process, and gives all kinds of generally helpful electronics troubleshooting advice along the way. Tony’s channel is loaded with videos about restoring some really interesting gear like vintage receivers, amplifiers, test gear, etc.

This was not a paid promotion, and there is no commercial affiliation. Tony just bought boards from me like any other customer.

A Tour of a Hoppe’s Brain Adcom GFA-585 Restoration

Hi everyone,

This is perhaps the nicest amplifier I’ve ever restored! A GFA-585; The first of its kind with newly designed replacement input boards. (To fix the infamous leaking capacitor issue.) And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but…

It’s for sale. $1800. Update: SOLD to previous customer, Bill.

Also, I wanted to share what I know about restoring a GFA-585. I hope this is useful to others who are tweaking their GFA-585’s, or installing a set of my replacement circuit boards.


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New, improved GFA-565 circuit boards! Now available fully assembled and tested.

Hi everyone,

Long time, no blog! I’ve been super busy with Adcom amp and preamp refurbishings, and obsessing over new circuit board designs.

Here are completely new versions of the GFA-565 input boards, and for the first time, I am offering fully assembled and tested boards for $380. (Please allow up to a 15-day lead time. They are hand-made, by me in my shop.) Click here to buy.

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Hoppe’s Shoppe is online!

Hi Everyone, my store is finally online!

Hoppe’s Brain Shoppe

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I have just three products up there right now, but there are more to come.

Coming soon: (These items are all available by request, just not yet in the store.)

  • GFA-535 MK1 Power Supply board
  • GFA-535 MK2 Power Supply board
  • GFA-545 MK1/MK2 Power Supply board
  • Unbalanced stereo line driver. One stereo input, four stereo outputs, buffered and driven by OPA2134 op-amps. (For running long unbalanced patch cords, or adding buffered tape outputs to a preamp, among other uses.)
  • Bipolar audio power supply, +/-15V. Super low noise, low impedance and high speed. Based on TI LP38798.

Thanks to all my customers for the continued success of Hoppe’s Brain. I am so happy to be doing this for a living.

Hoppe’s Brain is full! Declaring a hiatus on new repairs and refurbishings.

Hi Everyone,

Hoppe’s Brain is thriving, but demand for my services has been overwhelming! My waiting list has grown to more than a year, so I’m sorry, but I must declare a temporary hiatus on accepting new clients for repairs and refurbishings.

I need concentrate on my existing customers. Thanks for understanding.

I still sell circuit boards and kits, and this area of Hoppe’s Brain will continue to expand. Look for my store to go online in the next few weeks. In the meantime, contact me with the form below and let me know what you want. (Power supply boards for GFA-535, 545 and GFA-555 amplifiers, GFA-565 input boards, etc.)

If you’ve emailed me and not heard back, I will get back to you within the next few weeks.

Thanks to my awesome customers for making Hoppe’s Brain a success!