Hoppe’s Shoppe is online!

Hi Everyone, my store is finally online!

Hoppe’s Brain Shoppe

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I have just three products up there right now, but there are more to come.

Coming soon: (These items are all available by request, just not yet in the store.)

  • GFA-535 MK1 Power Supply board
  • GFA-535 MK2 Power Supply board
  • GFA-545 MK1/MK2 Power Supply board
  • Unbalanced stereo line driver. One stereo input, four stereo outputs, buffered and driven by OPA2134 op-amps. (For running long unbalanced patch cords, or adding buffered tape outputs to a preamp, among other uses.)
  • Bipolar audio power supply, +/-15V. Super low noise, low impedance and high speed. Based on TI LP38798.

Thanks to all my customers for the continued success of Hoppe’s Brain. I am so happy to be doing this for a living.

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