ADCOM GFA-555 MK1 “Vertical” circuit boards are here!

Some early models of the GFA-555 MK1 used these vertically-mounted input boards. My existing horizontal board kits could be adapted to work with these amps, but it required fabricating brackets, drilling holes, and adapting the wiring. It was kind of a pain and a bit confusing.

The biggest design challenge for the vertical board model, is the way the original bridge switch is mounted to a small circuit board that is held in place by the RCA jacks. These are not great RCA jacks, and most people will want to swap them for nice chassis-mount types. So I came up with this “Mezzanine board” arrangement with two PCBs stacked together. The first board holds the bridge switch in place, and houses connections for the RCA jacks, LEDs and thermal breakers. Then the input board stacks on top of the mezzanine board, and uses WAGO cage-clamp terminal blocks to connect to the output modules. The input board can be removed and serviced without soldering!

Buy one here!

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