Heatsink WIN! New BFA-565 power boards are go. 👍

Good news! I have tested and validated the performance of the new heat sinks for the BFA-565 power supply board. They work great, and the boards will be ready for purchase later this week.

In my earlier post, Heatsink FAIL delays release of my new power supply for the GFA-565. :^/  I showed how my design validation process found that the heatsinks I had chosen for the BFA-565 power supply, were not as efficient as the OEM arrangement, which has a square bridge rectifier mounted to a heatsink which is then bolted to the chassis. This works very well actually, and is hard to beat. GFA-565’s don’t have any issues with bridge rectifiers overheating, AFAIK.

My design goal was for the BFA-565 to have equal or better heat dissipation performance versus the OEM arrangement.

Test method: A constant power of 8W is applied to all four diodes in the bridge rectifier. Temperature rise over a period of 30 minutes is logged and graphed with a Fluke 287.

The original, floor-mounted heatsink.

Temperature plateaus at about 45C after 10 minutes.

And now the new design BFA-565

Temperature plateaus at about 44C after 20 minutes.

I’m happy to report, it’s slightly better 😸. It tops out 1 degree Celsius lower, which is insignificant and within the margin of error, but more interestingly, it takes longer to get up to full steady-state temperature, so overall, it is definitely performing a little better than OEM. It sheds heat faster even if it’s long-term thermal capacity is similar. That will result in lower average temperatures with music program.

Expect to see these boards available in my store this week!

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